Zu Anna: Anna was born in 1987 in Murmansk, USSR. At the age of five she has moved with her parents to Ukraine where she has entered Art School and where her further interest in art began to emerge. Years lived in the Ukraine, in the heart of wild untamed nature awakened in her a love to rich colors, and ever since have an impact on the character of still lifes portrayed by the artist. Anna graduated Murmansk State University (Russia), where she studied Art Education and during one year lived and practised Media Art in Norway. From the year 2007 she has been attending the Repin's Art Institute as an auditor (in the studios of Pichahchi and Zagonek - St. Peterburg) During many years Anna worked, consulted and became friends with the artist Vasilii Bratanjuk. His art had a strong influence on her further work. In 2011 Anna entered the University of Lapland in the field of Environmental and Community Art. This made it possible to broaden the horizon of the artist. In the year 2012 Anna joined the Artists Assosiation of Lapland, and is a member of it to these days. Now she is working as a painter, she exhibits her work nationally and internationally.

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